That slope was rough and bitter, where I struggled to experience the fall and collapse

That slope was rough and bitter, where I struggled to experience the fall and collapse. It hides deep pain and harsh experiences that shaped me and made me the person I am today.

Initially, everything was going perfectly. I led my life with confidence and optimism, and the future seemed promising. But that slope I rapidly descended towards exceeded my expectations; it was only the beginning of a storm.

Feelings of despair and loss became daily scenes. I tasted pain, failure, and disappointment in their various forms, and wounds and sadness accumulated in my broken heart. I began to doubt my own abilities and others' abilities to make things right.

However, as time passed, that harsh slope started to etch patience and strength into me. I learned how to deal with difficulties and how to learn from past mistakes. I realized that life doesn't always pave the way for us but may force us to face unexpected obstacles and challenging tests that challenge even the strongest of our spirits.

And because that slope was limited to falling and collapsing, I now appreciate the value of stepping back and listening to my inner voice. I discovered that confidence is born from within us and doesn't necessarily depend on continuous success. I started to see new aspects of my personality and hidden abilities that I wasn't aware of before.

So, thanks to that harsh slope and everything it broke within me, I can now stand proudly in front of it and thank it. It gave me the strength and flexibility to rise again and escalate to the top. I realized that the fall is not the end of the story but just the beginning of transformation and growth.

Therefore, let's try not to discard our tough experiences but rather be grateful for them someday. Because they polish us and make us stronger and more prepared to face life's challenges. Be grateful for that slope that rebuilt you and made you a better and stronger person.